Packing 6 VCAs + mixer in an 8HP DIY Eurorack module


The Zlob VnIcursal Vca is a 6 channel 8hp ota-based linear vca with an additional mix output that sums any of the 6 outputs when they are not patched.  The module is 35mm deep so it will most likely fit your skiff case. The panel is made of laser cut acrylic.

Traffic Dice: an all-in-wonder cable adapter box for your modular needs (DIY)


My first modular synth was a Kilpatrick Phenol, which uses banana plugs.  Soon enough I wanted to connect it to a Microbrute so I made a bunch of banana to 1/8" cables.  Then when I built my first eurorack synthesizer I wanted to connect it to the Elektron Analog 4's 1/4" CV outputs.  That's when I realized it would be cool to make an "all-in-wonder" converter box that did it all: 1/4" (stereo/mono), 1/8" (stereo/mono), and banana.

So I ended up with what I call the Traffic Dice: a swiss army knife adapter box for modular connections.

Vaporwave snapshot 2016: TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL and the B O G U S COLLECTIVE


Unless you've been living under a rock (and without wifi) for the last few years, there's really not a whole lot left to know about vaporwave in 2016.  It is hard to deny that vaporwave has gone through a large part of its manifest density with the existence of successful labels such as Dream Catalogue and album releases declaring and celebrating the death of vaporwave itself (sand timer).

Phonewave EP Project


The Phonewave EP is an international music project consisting of 20 tracks (38min) made entirely from telephone-recorded voicemails collected via 1-818-649-WAVE.  The project was born on my instagram feed (@brainztain) and most of its contributors were part of the Instagram community connected through hashtags such as: #vaporwave #seapunk #webpunk #netpunk #cyber #cyberghetto #sadboys #glitchart #vhsglitch #bitwave #8bit #pixelart #phonewave etc.

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