MPC 1000 Blues


I've owned a few MPC1000's but I always ended up selling them because I found their defects extremely hard to work with.  As covered in my MPC 1000 review  these defects range from faulty pads, sensors, and tactile switches.

Bass Station 2 as an analog drum machine

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Elektron hardware is known for its innovative features such as parameter locks implemented on their popular xox-style sequencers.  Parameter locks give you the ability to change parameters on a per-note basis by simply holding down the step and tweaking knobs.  This yields very interesting results instantly.

M-Audio AV40 Dead Monitors Revival (capacitor replacement)


I was recently given a pair of dead M-Audio AV40 near field monitors.  These little speakers are great!  However, I was puzzled as to how exactly they had failed.  After some googling I found that a few of the capacitors used on these have a tendency to go bad and leak.  I decided to open up the case and sure enough: I found the capactior were bulging and had a chemical leak at the top.  I removed the capactitors and ordered them from as follows:

If GameBoy, Linux, and Vocaloid had babies: KDJ-ONE


It's got a gamepad on it, but it's not a GameBoy. It's got a keyboard on it, but it's not a synthesizer.  It's running on Linux, but it's not a server. It's got a full-blown sequencer and it's not a tracker! It's KDJ-ONE!


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