Creative Process Experiment

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The purpose of this abstract experiment was to explore unconventional creative processes of audio and video recording and editing in order to create diverse interpretations of the final product. Originally the project was limited to audio and it wasn't until later that I decided to expand the creative progression onto video.

Echoes of Escher in New iPad Monument Valley Game


I recently had the chance to play a new iPad game called Monument Valley, which incorporates optical illusions and plays with perspective and relativity to guide the user through puzzle-like settings.  The game has excellent graphics and a very relaxing flow to it regardless of its highly-complex scenarios, which are the heart and soul of the game.  As soon as I saw the first screen shot of this game I was able to link a old artist to it: Escher.

Your Own Unlimited Dropbox!


Update 12/4/14: due to instability issues with the setup described below I'm going to have to label this as proof-of-concept only and not a practical solution for free cloud storage.  On a slightly different note: MEGA is actually giving 50GB of free space right now, works great and is encrypted before upload and after download so your files are allegedly private.
Update 10/24/14: see

Yup, you read it righ: "Your own unlimited Dropbox", or without the proprietary eponym: "Your own unlimited cloud service (with optional full-blown OwnCloud mobile and desktop clients!).  The only catch and reason why I didn't include "FREE" in the title is that you must have some sort of shared hosting account.  I use DreamHost, which is only about $10/month and has unlimited bandwidth and storage (some conditions apply).  If you already have shared hosting, then you can have your own cloud storage it for free.

Dawn of the Cloud DAW Era

Audiotool is a kick-ass online music production studio that eliminates the need of a muscular computer to process all of your virtual instruments and FX, because all the processing happens in the cloud!


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