30 Gridz Series


The 30 gridz in the series were drawn in a relatively short period of time.  The most time consuming part of the project was actually analyzing the gridz and writing about them because exploring the source of each grid was imperative in this project (see Introducing Gridz for concept background information).

Even though all 30 gridz follow the same guidelines and limitations, they were created with different approaches. The series can be divided in two phases: the experimental (1~14), and the intentional (15~30).

Commodore 64-based retro VST synth now FREE


UPDATE: it seems like Basic65 is no longer availible as it has disappeared from de la Mancha's website. Give Dream64 by Odo over at KVR a shot--another cool little C64 synth!

I'm going to try to not go overboard with the "FREE" posts...  Who are we kidding? Synthmode loves FREE and so do you, so here's another great find from de la Mancha Plug-ins.

BrainZtain - Beyond The Spectrum

Embedded thumbnail for BrainZtain - Beyond The Spectrum

Beyond The Spectrum is an electronic track by BrainZtain featuring dark house and techno influences and even some west coast Easter eggs (see if you can spot them).  The video complements the tracks experimental nature by combining various technology clips with deep-sea creatures and some geometric patterns and mirror effects.

Free MP3 download via SoundCloud link.

User creates Elektron Octatrack software editor


User "Rusty" from the Elektronauts forum has spent numerous hours developing a very extensive Octatrack software editor.  This morning he released a video teaser showing the editor at work.  The editor has the ability to save presets of most settings, making it extremely useful for managing sample banks, effects, etc...


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