VISION.VHS is a 2-volume concept album and experimental art project collaboration. As an art project VISION.VHS explores limitation, intuition, and interpretation. All artists were limited to the album titles and synopsis--they had no access to the music. This limitation added an unusual element of risk as there was no music to provide the additional guidance that is so common when creating album art. Removing musical influence from the creative process allowed for each artist to have a stronger personal influence in the work.

Phonewave EP Project


The Phonewave EP is an international music project consisting of 20 tracks (38min) made entirely from telephone-recorded voicemails collected via 1-818-649-WAVE.  The project was born on my instagram feed (@brainztain) and most of its contributors were part of the Instagram community connected through hashtags such as: #vaporwave #seapunk #webpunk #netpunk #cyber #cyberghetto #sadboys #glitchart #vhsglitch #bitwave #8bit #pixelart #phonewave etc.

Track List Comments

Analog Chiptune Snob Heaven: over 154,000 audio recordings of real C64's chirping away


Have you heard about the best-selling computer of all time? No, it's not your Mac. It's the mighty Commodore 64, which was released in 1982.

BrainZtain - Let You Go (Zoom Sampletrak)

Embedded thumbnail for BrainZtain - Let You Go (Zoom Sampletrak)

One more Sampletrak video--check out the drum breakdown!  All sampled from same record, all inside the Zoom ST-224.


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