audio production

Killer atmospheric sound textures... or cute BABY!?


Have you ever wanted to make spooky atmospheric soundscapes or soundtracks that will make any puppy go under the bed and cover his eyes with his paws?

Well, now you can.  And it's so easy even a baby could do it.

$20 iPad Octatrack?


Before all the Elektron fanboys jump on me for saying this after spending over $1k on a sampler I'll admit that it's just NOT the same, but hey, at least someone is trying!

I will also admit that I'm an Elektron fanboy myself (bit the bullet with an Octatrack).

Sounds like the best things in life are still FREE

I was recently working on a track with Cisko Bars and needed to go on a a scavenger hunt for some imaginative sound effects (SFX) to illustrate a rap verse (a-la classic Eminem).  About 5 years ago I had tried finding good royalty-free SFX online, but failed--free user-generated content was just not there yet.

Roland® tweets back


Roland sets the record straight regarding their design motto... it sounds like they have some innovative gear to release soon.

Right, right, I know what some of you are thinking: "dude, @Roland_US only has 35,069 followers... it's not like @KanyeWest with 10,177,031 followers twitted you, get over it".  Well, yeah, but may I remind you that even Kanye named his album "808s and Heartbreak" after Roland's TR-808.


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