Grid-21 was inspired by the Sci-Fi movie "Cocoon".  Instead of simply designing something that looked like an oval to resemble a cocoon, I wanted to give it a more mechanical feel.  I added a few lines dividing the oval to give the illussion that there is a structure encompassing it.  The result is a cocoon-shapped object with mechanical characteristics somewhat similar to the cockpit of a WWII B-29 aircraft:


Computers did not always fit in our pockets.  Grid-20 was inspired by old computers, especially creative renderings of them, like something you would find in an old Sci-Fi movie or classic Star Trek episode.



Grid-19 is a representation of a  speech balloon.  According to Wikipedia, speech balloons are divided in 3 categories: speech (smooth border), thoughts (bubbly borders), and screams (zigzag borders).  This particular one is a hybrid of all three: it has a zigzag "tail" (scream), smooth borders (speech), but does not display text--it displays an image instead (meaning thoughts rather than speech).



Grid-18 uses shapes that meet at corners to create the illusion that they are somehow all sharing the same line.  I used this technique to express my inspiration, which came from simple stitching patterns such as those found on pillows.  Nothing too complex here: just a reflection over the y-axis and simple geometric shapes, which can arguably yield to pareidolia.


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