Official Drupal 8 version released TODAY


Very happy to announce that the fully supported Drupal 8 was finally released today after over 4 years of development and hard work from the open source community.

Drupal 8 features major improvements, including a new theme engine and a nice selection of API's that allow it to play competitively well with the outside world.  I'm very excited about this update and will soon be porting Synthmode.com to Drupal 8 to take advantage of all the new features.

But what are you waiting for? Go give it a test drive!

Drupal 8 beta days nearly over


Drupal is one of the most robust and widely-used open source CMS (Content Management System).  All kinds of websites, from small to huge, use Drupal as a platform--in fact Synthmode.com was developed using Drupal.

Echoes of Escher in New iPad Monument Valley Game


I recently had the chance to play a new iPad game called Monument Valley, which incorporates optical illusions and plays with perspective and relativity to guide the user through puzzle-like settings.  The game has excellent graphics and a very relaxing flow to it regardless of its highly-complex scenarios, which are the heart and soul of the game.  As soon as I saw the first screen shot of this game I was able to link a old artist to it: Escher.

Your Own Unlimited Dropbox!


Update 12/4/14: due to instability issues with the setup described below I'm going to have to label this as proof-of-concept only and not a practical solution for free cloud storage.  On a slightly different note: MEGA is actually giving 50GB of free space right now, works great and is encrypted before upload and after download so your files are allegedly private.
Update 10/24/14: see

Yup, you read it righ: "Your own unlimited Dropbox", or without the proprietary eponym: "Your own unlimited cloud service (with optional full-blown OwnCloud mobile and desktop clients!).  The only catch and reason why I didn't include "FREE" in the title is that you must have some sort of shared hosting account.  I use DreamHost, which is only about $10/month and has unlimited bandwidth and storage (some conditions apply).  If you already have shared hosting, then you can have your own cloud storage it for free.


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