Endless Instagram banner how-to


A few people have asked me how I do an endless Instagram feed so I decided to put together a quick tutorial of my workflow. First of all, this is not an on-the-go type of project so you will need an actual computer loaded with the latest version of Inkscape (free, poor man's illustrator).

Phonewave EP Project


The Phonewave EP is an international music project consisting of 20 tracks (38min) made entirely from telephone-recorded voicemails collected via 1-818-649-WAVE.  The project was born on my instagram feed (@brainztain) and most of its contributors were part of the Instagram community connected through hashtags such as: #vaporwave #seapunk #webpunk #netpunk #cyber #cyberghetto #sadboys #glitchart #vhsglitch #bitwave #8bit #pixelart #phonewave etc.

Track List Comments

Vaporwave Aesthetics

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You may or may not have heard of vaporwave, but chances are you have already been exposed to some of its stylistic ripples.  What I mean by this is that mainstream culture machines such as MTV have already started mining this underground internet-born artistic movement.

Instagram as art


As a rule of thumb, before attempting to evaluate something, it's always a good idea to define that "something".  Attempts to define art have been made for centuries. Some of these attempts are very serious and thorough, such as Leo Tolstoy's "What is Art?" essay, which was written in 1896--40 excerpts of its main points can be found here for your enjoyment (no, really, it's quite interesting).  For this reason I'm declaring this article a deformity from the start--to avoid any disappointment from anyone stumbling upon it.


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