Official Drupal 8 version released TODAY


Very happy to announce that the fully supported Drupal 8 was finally released today after over 4 years of development and hard work from the open source community.

Drupal 8 features major improvements, including a new theme engine and a nice selection of API's that allow it to play competitively well with the outside world.  I'm very excited about this update and will soon be porting Synthmode.com to Drupal 8 to take advantage of all the new features.

But what are you waiting for? Go give it a test drive!

Drupal 8 beta days nearly over


Drupal is one of the most robust and widely-used open source CMS (Content Management System).  All kinds of websites, from small to huge, use Drupal as a platform--in fact Synthmode.com was developed using Drupal.

Octatrack OctaEdit?


Finally a software editor and librarian for the Octatrack DPS-1? So says user and creator, Rusty, from the Elektronaut forums, who claims via his website that the software will be finally released this month.  The project got started as early as April 2014 and has been under development--I even wrote about it on a previous post that included a sample-video of a new feature that Rusty was developing.

Instagram as art


As a rule of thumb, before attempting to evaluate something, it's always a good idea to define that "something".  Attempts to define art have been made for centuries. Some of these attempts are very serious and thorough, such as Leo Tolstoy's "What is Art?" essay, which was written in 1896--40 excerpts of its main points can be found here for your enjoyment (no, really, it's quite interesting).  For this reason I'm declaring this article a deformity from the start--to avoid any disappointment from anyone stumbling upon it.


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