VISION.VHS is a 2-volume concept album and experimental art project collaboration. As an art project VISION.VHS explores limitation, intuition, and interpretation. All artists were limited to the album titles and synopsis--they had no access to the music. This limitation added an unusual element of risk as there was no music to provide the additional guidance that is so common when creating album art. Removing musical influence from the creative process allowed for each artist to have a stronger personal influence in the work. Their interpretations in response to the abstract nature of the synopsis were effectively more intuitive.

VISION.VHS is the first 2-vol Instagram music album and art collaboration with a total of 23 artists contributing 32 art pieces.  Their pieces were showcased on in a stack of old TV's.

The extended album releases are available for free and can be found on


VISION.VHS: Vol. 1 - Magnetic Prophecy

Civilizations have risen and fallen; entire populations formed and exterminated[104]cyclically propelled[107] by their own faiths. Rulers, servants, prophets[103]... have attempted to infiltrate new dimensions[101], seeking streams of light[113] into the future[106]-- seeking power[212]. Exploiting their own souls as windows of destiny[108], fixated[105] on monochromatic clairvoyance[111], only to find themselves isolated[112] by their self-generated prophecies: tunnel-vision multiplex[109] in encoded noise cascades [115].

It is now 2017 and numerous paradigm shifts[205] have morphed reality [116]. The VHS era has been forgotten by the masses: those unaware of the video revolution[204]. While only a split second in telecommunications history, the video revolution allowed for all-encompassing electromagnetic revelations[114] brought forth by the planet’s collective hyper-visual psychoactivity [201].

Radio wave broadcasting and magnetic reproduction[202] of both authorized and unauthorized copies[101] in volumes never-before seen allowed for the perfect conditions to create abnormal quantum oscillation patterns. These, combined with the earth's magnetic field created an intense period of archaeomagnetic crosstalk[216] so abnormal that it affected electronic devices and materials containing sufficient oxidized iron (tape) to be magnetized, leaving an untapped apocalyptic imprint [110] never before decoded, until now.

Dim the lights, tune in, and discover VISION.VHS Vol. 1 - Magnetic Prophecy

VISION.VHS: Vol. 2 - Crosstalk Distortion

Not all magnetic traces inspire prophetic revelations. Some of the energies captured throughout the VHS era[214] combined to form a heterogeneous concoction[209]: a candid and honest snapshot[203] of the video revolution’s hyper-visual minds.

Turbo-conscious observers living the human error paradox[211] experienced philosophical contradictions[215] that inevitably led to the birth of new electronic cultures[213]. Sad souls laughed hysterically at their free will[207] when fate [210] crushed their innocence. Lonely minds awaited companionship lost in the multitude [208]. All feelings became vehicles of persuasion.

Chaos is apparent; a disguise; perfection’s veil filtering out inadequate candidates. The message prevails for those that can track in a timeless dimension: free of expiration; free of expectation.

A cat meows at an indian through an encoded binary stream [206] traveling through cyberspace: this is now. VISION.VHS: Vol. 2 - Crosstalk Distortion, that was then.


VISION.VHS: Vol. 1 - Magnetic Prophecy
# Track Name Visual Artist
101 Unauthorized Copy @outer.temple
102 Prophets @delirioustrashpanda
103 New Dimensions @holochemical7
104 Exterminated @jav_solo
105 Fixated @cisko3000
106 Future Ray Corona
107 Cyclically Propelled @delirioustrashpanda
108 Windows of Destiny @tvvin_pinez_m4ll
109 Tunnel-Vision Multiplex @parydarian
110 Apocalyptic Imprint @arbel420aka
111 Monochromatic Clairvoyance @aeon.1
112 Isolated @tvvin_pinez_m4ll
113 Streams of Light @alexogreee
114 Electromagnetic Revelations @distortionisgod
115 Encoded Noise cascades @304angstroms
116 Morphed Reality @paul_plastic
VISION.VHS: Vol. 2 - Crosstalk Distortion
# Track Name Visual Artist
201 Hyper-Visual Psychoactivity @tvvin_pinez_m4ll
202 Magnetic Reproduction @_m_e_s_s_
203 Honest Snapshot @sagasounds
204 Video Revolution @acidwinzip
205 Paradigm Shifts @saulonzo
206 Encoded Binary Stream @distortionisgod
207 Free Will @aeon.1
208 Lost In The Multitude @holsgr
209 Heterogeneous Concoction @supershy_company
210 Fate Ray Corona
211 Human Error Paradox @arbel420aka
212 Seeking Power @crossedxx
213 New Electronic Cultures @acidwinzip
214 VHS Era @tvvin_pinez_m4ll
215 Philosophical Contradictions @babytron
216 Archaeomagnetic Crosstalk @paul_plastic


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