Grid-26 deals with balance: evenly spaced spike tips, but not at the base of the triangles; triangles pointing up and down, but only one pointing up; one square in each rectangular half, but both loosely positioned--yet somehow still managing to balance out the composition.



Aggression, jaggedness, danger, deviation, sharpness, peril, speed, suspense, determination, and wild are all words that come to mind as I look at Grid-25.  The initial idea was not far from the result: I wanted to use only triangles in order to express danger.  Don't be scared if you catch a crocodile staring right back at you as you immerse yourself in this grid!



Grid-24 uses rectangular shapes in combination with vertical symmetry to create a highly neutral composition.  While meditating on this composition I found that the ideas/images it triggered were remarkably more spaced out from each other than those inspired by other compositions.  This may be due to the simplicity of the design.  As with most final gridz in the series of 30, Grid-24 was inspired by a very specific objective: in this case creating a blocky composition made of simple rectangular shapes.



This grid plays with repetition of elongated right triangles and heterogeneous sizing/positioning of squares.  Sources of inspiration for this piece are biology, chemistry, and automation.  The piece portrays an assembly-line type of systematic environment--this is hinted by the duplicated positioning pattern of the triangles found on top and bottom.  The triangles are syringes or needles that inject substances into blobs (squares) that vary in size and position--perhaps chemical samples?  The relationship between the syringe and the substance is hinted by the contact which happens at the corners.


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