Commodore 64-based retro VST synth now FREE

UPDATE: it seems like Basic65 is no longer availible as it has disappeared from de la Mancha's website. Give Dream64 by Odo over at KVR a shot--another cool little C64 synth!

I'm going to try to not go overboard with the "FREE" posts...  Who are we kidding? Synthmode loves FREE and so do you, so here's another great find from de la Mancha Plug-ins.

Basic65 is a monophonic synth based on the awesome and now classic 80s Commodore 64 computer! Basic65 builds on the deliciously dirty SID chip waveforms and expands on its functionality, making it a powerful tool in the studio.
IMPORTANT: Basic65 used to be a payware plugin, but de la Mancha is now giving it away for free and accepting donations that will go Cancer Research UK in order to help care for and find a cure for cancer sufferers... so you should really consider donating if you use it and like it :)
Not really much more to say here--go get it!


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