Killer atmospheric sound textures... or cute BABY!?

Have you ever wanted to make spooky atmospheric soundscapes or soundtracks that will make any puppy go under the bed and cover his eyes with his paws?

Well, now you can.  And it's so easy even a baby could do it.

Say hello to Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch.  This open source (free) program written by Paul Nasca can stretch any sound to extreme lengths and even to infinity (literally) by using what he calls "HyperStretch mode". Extreme stretching is accomplished by using synthesizing algorithms, and if that isn't cool enough for'ya, there is also a wealth of parameters that can be tweaked, including a stretch multiplier that allows you to automate the stretching factor across your waveform using an envelope.

But enough of my blabbing, afteralls, what do I knows?

Instead have a listen to the demo (baby giggle stretched 15x; actual baby giggle is only a couple of seconds and you can find it at the end of the track):


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