Endless Instagram banner how-to


A few people have asked me how I do an endless Instagram feed so I decided to put together a quick tutorial of my workflow. First of all, this is not an on-the-go type of project so you will need an actual computer loaded with the latest version of Inkscape (free, poor man's illustrator).

Vaporwave Aesthetics

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You may or may not have heard of vaporwave, but chances are you have already been exposed to some of its stylistic ripples.  What I mean by this is that mainstream culture machines such as MTV have already started mining this underground internet-born artistic movement.

30 Gridz Series


The 30 gridz in the series were drawn in a relatively short period of time.  The most time consuming part of the project was actually analyzing the gridz and writing about them because exploring the source of each grid was imperative in this project (see Introducing Gridz for concept background information).

Even though all 30 gridz follow the same guidelines and limitations, they were created with different approaches. The series can be divided in two phases: the experimental (1~14), and the intentional (15~30).



Grid-30 is the final piece in the series. The piece combines three-dimensional elements and positioning of objects to suggest motion and create a scenario with a marked trajectory behind it.  The connected fence-like shapes along the border of the grid mark the boundary of the piece.  However, there are two squares along the crossing sections of the fence-like structure that gravitate towards the middle.


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